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I would give no stars if possible.

There selection is fairly large and their prices may not be bad but.... Will never ever ever spend another cent in this place.

I have been spending between about 1000 and 1500 almost every month for the last few months and intended to into next year refurnishing my house so I would say I am a good and regular customer.

on one of my deliveries the guys let my dogs out and when I notice and walked outside they were business as usual. When I asked what had happened I was told that they took off up the road and boy were they hauling. Why did they not tell me? Why would they leave the front door blocked open in a house with 3 dogs? Careless and do not care.

Delivery 2 was at 6:45 am on a Sunday morning? Really?

Both of these I just left go and only made a minor mention when their Customer service rep called me.

Today I was given my 2.5 hour delivery window. on another almost 1000 dollars worth of their product. I was at my house at 10:00 AM and did a few cores while I waited. At 12:30 I called and was told that they tried and deliver at 10:20. At that point I would have been cutting the lawn in my back yard. Apparently the loud gas powered lawn mower was not enough of a hint that the owner of the house was in the back yard. Calling my cell phone was not good enough for them. Instead they took a picture of the house to show they were there and drove away. Really??? They couldn't yell over the fence or give me a call?

I asked the Customer service rep if my furniture was still in town and was told "Yes but I called the driver and he does not want to do another deliver" I explained I was at home and again was told "I called the driver and he does not want to do another delivery." I explained that the fault was at least in part there's and that Colorado Springs was not a huge town. She told me they were on the South Side of town and I was on the North and it was truly an inconvenience. I explained that the truck had to drive through the north side of town to get back to Denver and was again told that the "Truck driver did not want to"

I talked to several customer service reps and a Manager only to be told that this is how they do business and I can either like it or go someplace else. I was also told that I was only one of 1000 deliveries and losing me as a customer is not a big deal. Well think twice before dealing with a company that treats you like they are doing you a favor by selling you a product or service. At no point did AFW offer to do anything to make this right or to work with me. SERIOSLY????

I would understand if I missed the appt. I would understand If they called or yelled over the fence. I do not really even totally blame the driver as it was an inconvenience but... I have learned that mistakes happen. The difference between a good company and a bad one is how the deal with an issue when something does go wrong. Something went wrong and they did nothing not a thing but tell me I was an insignificant customer.

Good luck to these people... There owner and management team have forgotten the old adage that if you gain one customer you gained only 1 if you lose 1 customer that will be the loss of 10 in the long run.

Off to furniture row tonight I would guess they may want to take my money. See Jake there are options.

Review about: American Furniture Warehouse Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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