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I have been very disappointed with the service we have received from American Furniture Warehouse (AFW). We purchased a table and chair set and had it delivered to our house. The table was damaged and the chairs did not match (we received 2 different styles of chairs). 3 of the chairs were written on (pen marks along the side where they were assembled)

I contacted customer service and they said the chairs were meant to be that way, it is called "Recycled Beauty" - it is actually shoddy craftsmanship. I was willing to keep the table if I could exchange the chairs for 6 matching chairs that were not written on. AFW was unable to guarantee 6 matching chairs and was more interested in giving me excuses as to why the chairs were different styles and treating me like an *** than actually helping.

They are giving us our money back, which I appreciate but we really wanted the table and chairs. Mike Culp was my salesman - not helpful. Doug the Store manager - not helpful. We will no longer do business with them.

After my last conversation with Doug, I believe AFW policy is _ when a customer in unhappy just give them their money back and they will shut up. This prevents them from actually caring and wanting to make customers happy.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at American Furniture Warehouse and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants American Furniture Warehouse to have the product delivered.

The most disappointing in user's experience was defective furniture. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Not sure it was explained in the way I probebly would have explained it. I wouldn't have Said "recycled beauty" because that makes less sence.

It's usually more referee to as rustic. If the two chairs were not exactly the same, it's because they are each hand made in India. It's not made by robots on a assembly line. The fact that they are each different is because most customers who buy it want them to be a little different.

The flaws and pencil marks that you are upset about are things a lot of people show off on this style of furniture, as proof that each chair is unique. No one else has the exact same chair. That's why customer service couldn't get 2 chairs exactly the same. It's not painted and stained to look exactly the same.

The type of wood they use is another example of that. It's not like the same color oak wood you can get anywhere, but a wood with different colors and paterns going on everywhere.

If the chairs were falling apart and the wood was cracked, than I would understand and agree that it is bad craftsmanship. But those flaws are left in on purpose for this "style" of furniture. It's not for everyone, but I guess I just wanted to try and explain it in a different way than maybe some people have.

If that wall of text (I didn't mean to make it that long) was how customer service had already explained it the way I just did, than I'm sorry. Don't want to make the same excuses you've already heard.

I actually don't know if I'm "officially" allowed to respond to complaints.

If you want my actual name I guess I can post it and see if I get in trouble because I'm in sales not customer service.

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